Financial Trading analytics is committed to enhance incremental value for the business and influencing commercial decisions for your core customers. Our team of analysts is not only experts in analyzing trading costs but also in managing the data behind it.
We integrate extensive current and historical data with the industry’s best expertise, so that you can create the most informed strategy, broker, algorithm, and liquidity venue selections. KREARA supports you effectively estimate transaction costs, identify challenging trades, assess market conditions in real time, and select the suitable strategy, all towards the goal of minimizing the cost of trading.


What We Offer

• Our trading analytics solutions include analytics for high frequency, predictive analytics and sentimental analytics.
• To analyze large volumes of historical data from algorithmic trading programs. This provides a better view of the trading patterns needed to uncover variances.
• Risk analytics solutions will enable you to improve decision making, increase return on capital, accelerate and streamline risk processes, reduce the cost and ensure regulatory compliance.Retail

As the retail industry evolves and the global market places grow, forward-thinking retailers realize the power of analytical insights and truly understand the consumer buying behaviours. This enables the organizations to shape and respond to demands in an immensely competitive market.

Our Clients

Kreara serve clients of all scales and geographies. We have extensively worked in the US and European markets with specific focus on analytics and application solutions for Pharmaceutical, Financial and Retail Sectors. Recently we have also started to work with the government, helping them to analyse public data and visualise it in a very user friendly manner. We try and treat each of our clients as our only customer and work with them very closely to understand and cater to their requirements.