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The Kerala Police Housing Co-operative Society Ltd. is a society registered under Kerala Co- operative Societies Act of 1969, established with an aim to fulfil the housing needs of the policemen and officers working in Kerala Police and also to work for their welfare and general uplift. The society is not only providing Housing loans and various types of advances ,but has also started a number of welfare schemes for the benefit of police personnel.

The current office management system that is employed at KPHCS is a client server application that is developed using Visual Basic as the development platform and MSSQL as the backend database. It is an intranet application and depends largely on paper based processes and currently work on Windows XP machines.

The objective of this project is to migrate this legacy application into a web based application which can be accessible to police men across the state to register and avail the facilities that is provided by the society. The application is envisaged to be rolled out in two phases.

Phase I – A web based application will be developed which will help the KPHCS members across the state to apply for membership and all the other products online. This will also enable an online fund transfer of the approved amounts to the member account and will be enabled with a mobile and email platforms to send online alerts about the status of the various accounts.

Phase II – The current data base along with the accounting module will be integrated into the new web framework and the KPHCS office will slowly migrate to the new application and phase out the old one. This module will contain all the modules required for a co-operative banking system including share, loans, fixed deposits, recurring deposits and dividend management

The application was developed using and mySQL as the database. JAVA Restful API’s were used to provide the web services for database access. MVC framework and Service Level architecture was used while developing this application.

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