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Posted by:admin onJune 30, 2015

This is a perfect case study for an onsite offshore engagement which successfully incorporated the agile scrum methodology for delivery. The client was an HR solutions provider based out of USA. The primary objective of the client was to develop software modules for HR, Payroll, Employee management etc all for the small and medium enterprises of US and Europe. They also had a sales portal which effectively interfaced with the clients across the globe and address their product concerns. Kreara’s responsibilities included setting up a team of 15 .net programmers and 7 quality assurance programmers and deliver programs and achieve the desirable quality for the sales portal. The team had a mix of people with experience in database programming, UX Programming, web services etc. A sprint planning meeting would be conducted at the beginning of every sprint which will then be split up into stories that will span for a couple of days. Daily stand-up meetings allowed constant communication between the teams and avoided last minute delays. There was a sprint master from the offshore team also which ensured smooth management of the team. The team heavily focused on delivering the modules based on the .net MVC architecture. During the course of the project, Kreara also started analyzing the data that was collected as part of the HR process in order to optimize and streamline the customer support activities.

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